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Emiel  Hensen <>

Eindhoven University of Technology Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Publications of this author:

Formation of a Rhodium Surface Oxide Film in Rhn/CeO2(111) Relevant for Catalytic CO Oxidation: A Computational Study
ADEM--14-039; ; oktober 2012; 12 pag.

A computational study of the mechanism of CO oxidation by a ceria supported surface rhodium oxide layer
ADEM--14-040; ; maart 2013; 3 pag.

A computational study of the influence of the ceria surface termination on the mechanism of CO oxidation of isolated Rh atoms
ADEM--14-041; ; januari 2013; 12 pag.

Structure Sensitivity in CO Oxidation by a Single Au Atom Supported on Ceria
ADEM--14-042; ; maart 2013; 6 pag.

A computational DFT study of CO oxidation on a Au nanorod supported on CeO2(110): on the role of the support termination
ADEM--14-043; ; juli 2013; 10 pag.

Exposed Surfaces on Shape-Controlled Ceria Nanoparticles Revealed through AC-TEM and Water–Gas Shift Reactivity
ADEM--14-075; ChemSusChem; oktober 2013; 8 pag.

Defect Chemistry of Ceria Nanorods
ADEM--14-076; J. Phys. Chem. C; februari 2014; 11 pag.

Chemisorption working capacity and kinetics of CO2 and H2O of hydrotalcite-based adsorbents for sorption-enhanced water-gas-shift applications
ADEM--16-091; ; februari 2016; 15 pag.

On the influence of steam on the CO2 chemisorption capacity of a hydrotalcite-based adsorbent for SEWGS applications
ADEM--16-092; ; december 2016; 36 pag.

Influence of material composition on the CO2 and H2O adsorption capacities and kinetics of potassium-promoted sorbents
ADEM--18-104; ; november 2017; 9 pag.