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Miguel Cordova-Chavez <>

TUDelft Chemical Engineer

Room 1.013, Julianalaan 136, Chem E, 2628BL, Delft

Telephone: 015 27 85536

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I am PhD candidate at TUDelft currently working on the development of new super ionic polymer membranes as electrolytes for fuel cells using inorganic materials as fillers to increase the conductivity and mechanical properties of the polymer membranes (sulfonated PEEK) i am doing the basic Polymer Characterization of the new membranes and using Impedance Spectroscopy and Polarization Curves to characterize the electrochemistry of the systems. During my Master and Bachelor I was working as a researcher for Block Copolymers Thermal and Morphological Characterization (Polymer Crystalization, Phase separation). I also was a teaching assistance for Polymer Labs Section. I was in charge of the maintenance and training of Differential Scanning Calorimetry Equipment (Perking Elmer) , Polarized Light Microscopy and Universal Mechanical Test Machine

Publications of this author:

New Composites for High Temperatures PEM Fuel Cells - ECS PRIME - Honolulu
ADEM--14-058; ; oktober 2012; 16 pag.

Super Ionic Hybrid NanoDiamonds/sPEEK membranes for PEMFCs - PBFC 2013 - Ulm
ADEM--14-059; ; juni 2013; 12 pag.